Our greatest joy comes in seeing the athletes we’ve helped exceed what they once thought was their best performance. In our quest to provide unparalleled care for the athletes we serve we are continually endeavoring to increase our knowledge of the human body and what makes it “tick”.

Dr. Robert A. Bartosh

Dr. Robert A.Bartosh has for over thirty years been involved in the world of sports and currently employs over 16 different specialties to improve sports performance and enhance injury recovery. Current and past certifications include; Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training, Clinical Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Applied Kinesiology, Rehabilitation, Active Release Technique*, Nimmo, and the list goes on. These specialties by themselves could be “stand alone” techniques but instead, he has combined the “best of the best” of these disciplines to create the services he currently offers. And, as a “professional student” of human performance and sports injury recovery, Dr. Bartosh is always pursuing new information and breakthroughs to incorporate into his current regime.

Alysha M. Bartosh

Not one to be outdone, and with as great a passion for what she does as her father Dr. Bartosh, Ms. Bartosh continues to add to her already impressive list of degrees. She is a certified specialist in fitness training, a certified specialist in sports conditioning, and a certified specialist in performance nutrition. She also fills the role of dry land training instructor at many hockey camps throughout North America and Europe and has developed many challenging and unique programs that keep her in constant demand. She is also an “elite” runner who practices what she preaches.

Most acute injuries such as sprains, strains, and fractures will usually heal in a few days to a few months and this was certainly the case when I first started treating athletic injuries in the Danville IL and Covington IN areas. However, as I began to care for professional and elite athletes, the need for a speedier, complete recovery became my goal as their sport or event in most cases was their livelihood. For them a longer recovery time meant less income and their ability to perform might be affected which could result in them being replaced. Not good for them and not good for me! Wanting to provide the best possible care for the injured whether they be professional or a week-end warrior, I’ve developed an approach that can shorten the time needed for healing by up to 90%! We’ve seen this success repeated in healing tendonitis, bursitis, sprains, strains, muscle tears, meniscus tears and even more severe injuries such as multiple compound fractures in seniors, who have achieved complete recovery and once-again are fully functional. It’s also resulted in an influx of athletes from throughout the United States from every level of many sports coming to our centre to receive care. So if you’re an athlete or non-athlete who’ve been injured in the Danville IL or Covington IN areas and are wanting to get back into your game quickly and completely just call our centre (217-431-2010) that we may be o service to you. “For the best performance of your life!”

One recurring injury we see whether it’s one of the professional athletes or a Danville, IL or Covington Ind., area high school athlete is tendonitis or a torn tendon resulting from repetitive use or sudden injury. Relying on the typical approach used in treating these injuries demands a longer time to heal and rarely does the injured individual regain his or her full strength. Most are given Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the acute stage, which themselves cause further damage to the body, and then corticosteroid injections are used to reduce pain and inflammation as the condition becomes chronic. This too causes further damage to the body. And, if the injured tendon is unable to heal within 3 months, scar tissue and calcification may start to form – a most undesirable complication. Tennis elbow, Rotator Cuff, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are the most common injuries where this reaction occurs.

The potential of sustaining a fracture as an athlete is unfortunately quite high. The time typically needed for healing can be anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks which doesn’t account for any rehab that might be needed. To some athletes this could result in a loss of their position on the team or worse, their loss of income or means of employment! Knowing how devastating this could be to the athletes that come to us, we’ve developed an approach that reduces the healing time needed for most fractures to 2 or 3 weeks.

I recall an instance when a professional hockey player just before play-offs fractured both bones above his wrist in his right arm. For others, it would have meant the end of their season but this player’s agent suggested he fly out to see what we (his body and I) could do. His fractures were healed in 2 weeks and he was back on the ice a week later scoring and helping his team advance in the play-offs. And the sponsored and elite runners and cyclists we’ve treated for stress fractures have had the same success. Pretty cool huh?
That’s how truly amazing the body you inhabit is. The bottom line? If you or a team mate you know currently has a fracture, you, or have your agent, contact us. We can help.

With our approach to these types of injuries many, if not most of those we are privileged to care for have achieved total reversal of their condition completely and with full functionality in 2 to 3 weeks! That’s how amazing your body is and how effective the care we offer is. So if you’d rather participate than spectate, give us a call.

“For the best performance of your life!”

G-d bless