An athlete is an individual who trains for an event, which requires physical strength, skill, and speed with the goal of completing the event to the best of their ability.


As one who’s goal is to make it into professional sports you know well that this will be one of the most competitive and physically demanding of all career choices and one in which your peak earning potential is achieved in but a few short years. The athletes of today are faster, stronger, bigger, and more talented than ever. And there are more athletes competing for fewer positions, all wanting to make a name for themselves and secure a spot in the pros.

With the competition as it is, it takes more than just talent, a strong will, or a lucky break to make it. In sports much emphasis has been put on the quality and types of equipment used today. Certainly with the advances and changes regarding equipment that have been achieved, today’s athletes are playing better and safer than ever before. But though equipment varies from sport to sport there is one piece that is used and needed by all. It’s the one that is of paramount importance, is irreplaceable, and mandates the highest priority of attention and care.

Amazingly though it’s usually the most overlooked or neglected by most athletes. It’s the “thing” we alluded to earlier when we said it would take more than talent, strong wills or lucky breaks to make it to the pros. We’re speaking of course about the human body,

the piece of equipment of which it has been said, “has been fearfully and wonderfully made”. Its going to take a healthy body -and one, which is performing at its highest level at all times. Unfortunately many players never realize this or realize it too late.

In today’s world of sports it’s no secret that because of time-intense, highly repetitive physical demands, long seasons of numerous practice sessions, travel, and scheduled games, that an ever increasing toll is taken on your body, continually weakening it over time.