What kinds of injuries do you care for?

We can treat:

  • Neck strains/sprains
  • Shoulder strains/sprains
  • Shoulder separations
  • Elbow strains/sprains
  • Elbow dislocations
  • Wrist strains/sprains
  • Wrist dislocations
  • Back strains/sprains
  • Back spasms
  • Hip strains/sprains
  • Hamstring strains/sprains
  • Groin strains/sprains
  • Knee strains/sprains
  • Knee dislocations
  • Ankle strains/sprains
  • Ankle dislocations

This list is by no means all that we can treat. If you are uncertain as to whether we can help you we invite you to contact us. Many times we can determine over the phone if your condition could be benefited by our care.

Do you do surgery?

No. The fact is this. If you act responsibly when injured and are cared for properly, the need for surgical repair throughout your playing career becomes less likely. The vast majority of surgical repairs in sports result from situations (injuries) that are left to deteriorate over time. Never be fooled into thinking that because your pain went away your problem did too. If your injury isn’t cared for it will return at a later time and in a worse way. We work very aggressively to achieve your full recovery and return you to play in the shortest amount of time.

Don’t other doctors do what you do?

There are a few doctors that do some of the things that we do but there are none that do all of the things that we do for our athletes. You have our word on that.

What exactly do you do then that makes you different?

Time and space does not allow for all that would be needed to explain what we do as it’s a result of many years of study combining the best from many health disciplines to create our program. I will tell you that nothing we do is harmful or illegal.

We’re often asked how we’ve been so successful when treating injuries. One of the many methods I use includes using Chinese medicine. In this instance the ingredients I use are applied to the injured area which allows them to migrate slowly through the skin and accelerate the healing of acute and chronic injuries as well as injuries caused by overuse. This approach speeds up injury recovery by increasing blood flow and lymphatic circulation. It also accelerates the necrotic (dead or damaged/dying) tissue breakdown that has resulted from the injury as well as various other biological activities that are necessary for damage repair. For many of our patients noticeable pain reduction generally begins within a couple of hours when treating an acute condition.

For most minor injuries, an overnight recovery can be expected. With 2nd degree ankle sprains, muscle tears, AC joint separations that typically take up to one month to heal, we can achieve complete healing in as little as 5 days by using this approach. This is one of the major reasons we are privileged to have professional athletes coming to us from Europe and across the U.S. But hey, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to get this kind of care for your injury. You’re just as important to us as are they, so just give us a call. We’re here to help you achieve, “the best performance of your life!”

Do I have to come to your office whenever I need to see you?

Not necessarily. In some instances where an injury “has just happened”, we may need to come to you but in the meantime we’ll direct you as to what you should be doing until we arrive. There are some situations when it’s more beneficial for you to come to us. In any event, each circumstance is unique and dealt with accordingly but all are treated in the most expeditious manner.

What else do you do?

Our most popular service is by far the Sports Performance Program. It’s in constant demand by athletes in virtually every sport. Because of the nature of this program it must be done during the athlete’s off-season. With the extensive testing and the amount of information that is needed to create the program, it is necessary for the individual to be at our facility at least four days. While here it is recommended that you take advantage of the discounted rates and shuttle service to and from our office provided by the DAYS INN, “the official hotel of PRO SPORTS DOC”, by mentioning that you’re one of our athletes.

You’re called “ProSportsDoc”. Does that mean that only professional athletes can come to you?

No. Currently we treat high school, college, world class/olympians, and semi-pro athletes as well as the professionals. Some are vying for scholarships, some for contracts, but all want improved performance.

Do you limit your care to only one sport?

No. We help basketball, volleyball, soccer, football and tennis players, golfers, track and field athletes,, marksman, wrestlers, race car drivers and cyclists to name just a few. Our specialty is the ability to improve human performance regardless of what position is played or what sport the individual competes in.

What are your fees?

The extent of the care to be provided varies from athlete to athlete. After our initial phone conversation we’ll be able to determine an estimated cost for the care you’ll be receiving as well as your room and board fees. Please know that this is not an exact fee. It will however give you an idea of your total cost and is provided for you with no obligation on your part.

What if I have other questions?

We invite you to contact us through our Contact us page. We’ll see to it that any and all questions you submit are answered as quickly as our schedule permits and I assure you that all will be answered honestly. We will never take advantage of your situation or you and we will always maintain the highest level of integrity and the strictest level of confidence. You have our word.