Currently we are offering three programs, all of which are very comprehensive. Our first is the “Sports Performance Program” next is the “Injury Recovery Program”, and lastly there is a program offered created specifically for those playing the position of “goalie” in the sport of ice hockey. ProSportsDoc’s philosophy and approach in working with all of our athletes is one of a “pro-active” nature instead of the usual “re-active”. In sports the athlete is cared for after an injury which is great of course but, what if something could have been done before to prevent the injury from ever occurring? Well something can, and that’s exactly what ProSportsDoc does. We access each athlete to uncover his or her specific weakness, imbalance, or structural fault then develop a unique and specific program for that individual to eliminate those weaknesses thereby reducing substantially the potential for injury and dramatically improving their performance. This is our approach with all of our athletes.

Sports Performance Program

This program is ideally done when the athlete is in their off-season and it requires the individual to spend approximately two time-intensive days at our facility. It is recommended that the appointment for this endeavor be secured shortly after the season has ended to insure and allow ample time to reap the full benefits of the program. During the scheduled stay, daily multiple sessions are conducted to obtain extensive physical/structural, chemical and pre and post- performance data. From this gathered information profile, graduating performance and nutritional programs will be created for the athlete to undergo. The culmination of over twenty years of on-going education and in-the-field experience make this one of the most comprehensive programs available to any athlete serious about his or her performance or professional career.

To aid the athlete in their journey, we employ the “s-m-a-r-t” principle, an acronym, the meaning of which, helps our athletes maintain their focus and heightens their chance of achieving their goals, in this case, their highest level of performance.

A “specific” goal has a much greater chance of being realized. With that in mind, time is spent with each athlete to determine exactly what they desire to accomplish, what improvements they seek to make or what skills they have targeted to hone.

First, one must know where he is before he can get to where he wants to be. From our initial assessments we obtain information vital in developing the necessary steps to be taken to reach the goals that have been set. This information is used in gaging measurable progress, which also lends itself to keeping the individual on track and on purpose. And, seeing the progress also creates a sense of excitement and enthusiasm which further motivates the athlete in their quest to improve.

Once the athlete’s goals have been established and we’ve created a plan, action on his or her part is the next step to be taken. We will develop those steps as well as a realistic time frame in which each phase of the program can be achieved. Levels of performance that were once thought to be unattainable now become “the rule rather than the exception!”

In order for the athlete’s goals to be “realistic”, those goals must represent an end for which the athlete is both willing and able to work. It doesn’t come easy! Its only when one is willing to pay the price that he or she can make the purchase.

All goals intended to be achieved have one thing in common- a target date. A target date is established for every program given to our athletes that is specific to that particular individual. For what one individual may be able to accomplish in a given amount of time, may be unreasonable for another.

Injury Recovery Program

This program is designed to get you back into your game in the shortest amount of time and in the best possible playing condition. It is specifically designed for the athlete who doesn’t enjoy being out of action weeks on end, for one who has come to play and not sit. It also provides that the injury doesn’t continue to recur only to haunt the player throughout his or her playing career. The services we provide for injury situations are aggressive, unconventional, current and in many instances, cutting-edge, but most importantly, they get results. For this particular program the services of PRO SPORTS DOC can be secured at the time of the injury and we will make every attempt to join with you as soon as possible. Where we meet will be determined by the nature of the injury and of course how you would be best served.

For Goalies Only

We’ve combined the knowledge of numerous disciplines and coupled it with our expertise regarding the position of goal tending to make available a most comprehensive program to those aspiring to be outstanding in their sport. We have been gifted with a unique ability that enables us to observe a player in a game setting and uncover the player’s strengths and faults (weaknesses) – even the most subtle ones. With this information we can then create a program specifically for this individual that is designed to enhance his/her strengths and reduce or eliminate the faults (weaknesses). The final result is an improved or increased performance level regardless of how good the athlete may have been initially and a profound reduction in the occurrence of injuries which seemingly plague goaltenders, in particular groin and hamstring injuries. If you are one of those individuals who aspire to be truly outstanding and not just “above the norm”, contact me either by phone or email to receive more information. The only thing you’ve got to lose is the opportunity to perform better, and that means the only thing you’ve got is to ……….lose.