There’s a tremendous paradox about the human body. It is undeniably fragile, delicate, and certainly has its limitations-even the one which may weigh in at 280 pounds and stands 6’5″. And-at the same time-the body is capable of withstanding unbelievable impact, twists, turns, and collisions, which are evidenced on a weekly basis as seen in the National Football League or the National Hockey League.


Seemingly the athlete is able to raise himself up off his field of play and resume competing without any apparent physical consequence or injury suffered. This however is not true-for we well know that for every action (impact, slash, fall, block, tackle, check, bump, or collision), there is an opposite and equal reaction (damage/injury, though perhaps not noticeable at the time,) received by that body. This scenario takes place regardless of what sport you play, whether it is tennis, basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, football, hockey, or any other for that matter.

Multiply this incident by hundreds or even thousands of times throughout your season and you are guaranteed an injury of some sort which will take you from your sport– for a time to recover, or in some instances, may end your career altogether.

As sad as this fact may be what’s even sadder is that over 98% of those season interrupting or career ending injuries could have been prevented! But, before the injury finally does occur, you’re becoming slower and weaker and its so subtle a change that the athlete doesn’t even realize its happening, but all the while scouts and agents are watching you play below your potential and what they’re seeing – or not seeing – will affect your chances of securing a higher income, your marketability and your career. And all of this is happening because of something that you weren’t even aware was going on.

And as we mentioned earlier, despite the advances that have been made in sports equipment in general, the most important piece of equipment, your body, is not getting the attention it needs. As a matter of fact, the number of players being added to the injured list of all the professional sports continues to mount each and every season.

And remember what we said earlier? Over 98% of these injuries could have been prevented! So what should you do? Well, just as you would allow only the best or most skilled mechanic or craftsman to maintain or work on your other important possessions i.e., automobile, home, etc., you should allow only the best to work on your most important possession- your body- because without your body performing as it should, your career may never be what it could have been or should have been, is cut short, or worse yet, never gets started. So how do you make sure your body is in top working order?

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