“PRO SPORTS DOC” is a father/daughter duo that have combined their expertise as sports performance and injury specialists to work exclusively with professional athletes and those athletes wanting to secure a future in the “pros”. IF YOUR GOAL IS TO EXCEL WE CAN MAKE THAT A REALITY! WE PREVENT INJURIES FROM HAPPENING! IF INJURED WE CAN GET YOU BACK INTO YOUR SPORT IN THE SHORTEST AMOUNT OF TIME AND IN THE BEST POSSIBLE CONDITION–AND, WE CAN GET YOU TO YOUR HIGHEST LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE AND KEEP YOU THERE! SIMPLY STATED- WE CAN PUT YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO BE! No matter if you are male or female, your current level of play, the sport you play, or how well you may play it, the services we can provide to you will make a difference. The benefits of this difference will be seen in your performance, your earnings, your career, and most importantly, your life! We will make you faster, stronger, and smarter. You have our word. We can prepare you for your entrance into the professional ranks even if you are presently in a lower level of play. (It’s never too soon to start preparing for your future). If you are an individual who is starting out at a lower level and recruit our services, we will continue to work with you as long as you desire to insure your steady progress. By doing this we can keep you at your “peak performance level” and as an added benefit, reduce your potential for injury throughout your playing season. These same benefits apply to and are realized by our current professional athletes which in turn provides them with a long and productive career, which is we’re certain what you want. “YOUR STRENGTHS MAY GET YOU WHAT YOU WANT-BUT ITS YOUR WEAKNESSES THAT WILL TAKE IT ALL AWAY”.


Benefits gained from the programs available from “PRO SPORTS DOC” are numerous indeed. They include better performance, greater endurance, fewer injuries, more overall power, faster recoveries and less time required to heal in the event you do get injured. It’s plain to see the advantages these attributes give to an athlete as they play a major role in one’s ability to earn higher salaries/contracts and have a more secure future.


hockeyplayer1HOCKEY – quicker foot speed, stronger glide and backward skating, increased stability on the ice, more powerful slap, wrist, snap, and backhand shots, greater accuracy, fewer injuries i.e., shoulder, wrist, elbow, knee, groin, ankle, etc.
GOALIES – Eliminate groin and hamstring pulls/tears. Quicker foot speed, hand speed, lateral movement, and reflexes.
BASKETBALL – higher vertical jumps, more accurate shooting, quicker speed, fewer injuries (in particular, knee and ankle).
BASEBALL – increased acceleration of throwing speed, more control/accuracy in pitching, more powerful swing, fewer injuries i.e., shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, etc.
FOOTBALL – higher vertical jumps, quicker foot speed and lateral movement, more explosive starts and quicker stops, faster recoveries and fewer injuries.
SOCCER – more powerful kick, higher vertical jumps, greater/quicker recovery, fewer injures i.e., shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle, etc.
TENNIS – faster, more powerful serve, more powerful backhand and forehand swings, better control and accuracy of swings, faster lateral movement, quicker foot speed, fewer injuries i.e., shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, etc.
AUTO RACING – Faster reflexes, greater endurance, improved concentration, reduced neck, wrist,shoulder, low back pain, etc.

In short, the improvements gained from our help transcend any and every sport resulting in benefits regardless of which arena you compete. You will become Faster.., Stronger.., Smarter…


The grueling training, the endless hours of practice, the forsaking of a “normal” life is a portion of the price you must be willing to pay to make it into the pros. But, it takes more than this type of dedication to make it in today’s sports world. Your BODY has to be in top form and, your PERFORMANCE has to be at its highest level, for anything less and your journey could be over before it begins. Our mission then at PRO SPORTS DOC is to work WITH you and FOR you to see to it that the sacrifices you made were not done in vain but that your attempt to secure a place in the professional ranks has a greater potential for success!

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Currently we are offering three programs, all of which are very comprehensive.

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